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Blessed ignorance or willful malice?

Was Colonel Muammar Gaddafi being willfully malicious when he compared the Vatican to the Taliban during his rant at the United Nations last week?

Australia’s ABC news reports

“Why are we against the Taliban? Why are we against Afghanistan?” he asked leaders of more than 120 nations attending the annual General Assembly debate.

“If the Taliban wants to make a religious state, okay, like the Vatican. Does the Vatican constitute a danger against us? No.”

It was the first time the Libyan leader had addressed the 192-member body for the first time in his 40 years in power.

“If the Taliban wants to create an Islamic emirate, who said they are the enemy?” he added.

It seems a bit of a strange analogy coming from the eccentric revolutionary who has ruled Libya with an iron fist for the last 40 years. For those who were subjected to Word Analogies at school, what would this look like?

The Vatican : Taliban :: __________ : Colonel Gaddafi
(Vatican is to Taliban as __________ is to Colonel Gaddafi)

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September 29, 2009 at 5:52 pm

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