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Protesters fight “idolatry” outside York Minster

York MinsterThe relics of St Therese of Lisieux have been travelling the country peaceably. Aside from a few snide comments on the blogs and in the mainstream newspapers, the reports have been fairly positive and the relics have drawn large crowds at most stops. Some Catholics have voiced their dislike of relics, while others have risen to defend the practice of venerating the remains of saints. Not everyone is comfortable with the notion, despite the fact that similar practices exist in a secular context, but no one had taken to the streets. At least, not until last Friday, when the Yorkshire Post noticed a small group of people protesting outside the Anglican York minster.

The paper reported that a group of about half a dozen people carried placards and protested noisily against “idolatry” outside the Minster’s West Door, while a liturgy with 2,000 people attending, was taking place inside. Organisers reckon that up to 10,000 people stopped by to spend some time with the 19th Century nun’s mortal remains during their 18 hour stay at the Minster. It was the only stop they made at an Anglican church during their month-long visit to England and Wales.

When the commentators said that Therese’s visist was a test of tolerance, or taking tolerance too far, I wonder whether they thought they’d be in agreement with other Christian denominations.

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October 5, 2009 at 12:34 pm

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