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Two million expected at Spanish pro-life rally

7065918Organisers expect over 2 million people to take part in a pro-Life demo in Madrid this Saturday.

Rising in protests against the Spanish prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s plans to liberalise Spain’s abortion laws, millions are expected to take to the streets under the slogan “Every life matters”. It is also the name of the umbrella group for over forty pro-life groups who have joined forces for the rally.

“We are counting with around 2 million people who will take part in the March for life,” said
Benigno Blanco, the president of the Spanish forum for families, a lawyer and former politician and one of the demos organisers according to a report in an Austrian newspaper.

“We strive towards three goals with this demonstration: to restore a lost culture of life, to explain to worried mothers that they are not alone, and to make it clear to the Government that a great majority of Spaniards are against the new abortion laws,” he said.

Blanco’s claim that the majority of Spaniards are against the new abortion laws was substantiated in the most recent polls. Last week a poll in the newspaper La Vanguardia showed that 49 per cent of Spaniards disapproved of the new laws, which marks a change from a year ago when 57 per cent approved of Mr Zapatero’s measures. Other newspapers, like El Pais and ABC had even higher disapproval rates in their polls about the legislation earlier this year.

“This law is a step backward, as far as defending the right to life of those who are to be born is concerned. It means a greater abandonment of pregnant mothers and irreparable damage to the common good,” the bishops’ permanent commission said in a statement.

“The lay faithful are rightly responding to the challenge posed, with great moral and social transcendence, by using their right to a peaceful demonstration in order to express their opposition,” the bishops said ahead of the protest.

Since 1985 abortions were made available to women over 18 years of age in cases of rape, foetal malformation or in cases where the woman’s mental and physical well being are under threat.

Under the new legislations, these restrictions would be relaxed, allowing for abortions with any reason during the first trimester of pregnancy and in cases of foetal malformation or a threat to the mother’s health abortions would be made available into the 22 week. Girls from 16-years onward would have access to abortions without the need for parental consent or even the need of informing the parents.

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October 15, 2009 at 11:28 am

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