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The bishop formerly known as André-Mutien Léonard

Lots has changed concerting Belgium’s most talked of prelate André-Mutien Léonard (and not just his name) since I last blogged on the subject. He is now no longer the bishop of Namur/Namen but the Archbishop-elect of Brussels-Mechelen.

First Mgr Léonard pre-empted official announcements and told the world over the weekend that he was succeeding Cardinal Gottfried Daneels as Archbishop in Belgium’s most prominent see. This was officially announced on Monday. Fr Tim Finigan has rather a nice post about it here. Then members of the Belgian Government voiced their disapproval of the appointment. Carl Olson on Ignatius Insight has the story here. RTBF has also run a series of critical comments on the new Archbishop as well as an interview with him from yesterday (French)

Since his appointment, he has launched a snazzy well-produced website and has changed his middle name from “Mutien”, which he took up when he became Bishop of Namur/Namen, to Joseph. St Joseph is the patron saint of Belgium.

As there has been a fair bit of criticism about his appointment, some people have launched a website in his support.

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January 20, 2010 at 4:56 pm

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